"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware."  Martin Bauber

Luxury Concierge China provides customized travel solutions, private guided tours and concierge services to the affluent traveler visiting Shanghai, Beijing & Beyond.


All the experiences & tours are fully private, bespoke, and conducted by senior international experts, each of whom have a field of expertise in addition to a general knowledge (history, architecture, culture) on the area where they reside.


Examples of expertise include: architecture, Art Deco, history, contemporary Chinese art, fashion & design, cuisine, et cetera.


Our experts speak a variety of languages; English and Mandarin (mandatory), Italian, Spanish, Shanghainese, German, Japanese, and French. Pick your expert & language.

At Luxury Concierge China, we will provide you with the very best of what is available, based on your specific requirements.  Drop us an email at info@luxuryconciergechina.com for more details on our experiences & services.